Big fat update: more resources, even more research, new objects and 2 new languages!

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6 min readJun 30, 2022


Hello everyone, ReFactory team’s online!

We are proud to announce that a new ReFactory update is now available for our fans! This is a huge one, and we could not have done it without everyone’s great feedback.

This update is a big step forward in making the game more fun and welcoming to all players, with over 50 improvements and new features. We also added the ability to get water from new sources and a pile of new resources to discover.

In addition, AI ‘Synthie’ is able to speak German and Spanish.

Now, let’s dive into details about changes in the ReFactory update. Ready! Steady! Go!

Technological breakthrough!

In today’s update, we’re introducing an unprecedented ingame technological leap.There is so much new research that it is worth talking about each one separately.

New research “Synthetic oil”

The “Synthetic Oil” research allows you to create resources in the Laboratory. This is the perfect way you can get out of a difficult situation when the oil field is empty! However, this is not a panacea. You won’t be able to rely on Synthetic Oil exclusively.

New research “Building yard”

Now the research “Building yard lvl.2” and “Building yard lvl.3” are available in the game, they will increase the service area.

Drones can now operate over a wider area.

New research “Logistics”

“Logistics lvl. 2” will allow you to build a new object — the Merger. Now you can evenly merge resource flows from three tapes into one without any downtime!

“Logistics Lv.3” will add 4 more squares to the maximum length of the Underground Conveyor!

“Logistics lvl. 4” will give you an unprecedented opportunity to build a Conveyor directly on top of trees and crystals! You can not only place the Saw Machine right in the center of a field of crystals or a forest, but also give them the desired shape yourself!

New research “Economical Weapons”

2 levels of this research are aimed at reducing the energy consumption of all weapons during the battle.

New research Smelting

“Smelting Lv.2” and “Smelting Lv.3” will unlock additional recipes for Silicon Wafers and Building slabs!

New research “Irrigation 3”

“Irrigation lvl.3” will open a new resource — Feed Water. It can be loaded into Sprinkler. Such watering accelerates the growth of trees and crystals up to 2 times.

Nanotechnology and infinity!

Now the “Custom Game” mode has the ability to be truly endless!

A total of 17 infinite researches are available in the new Nano research category! Yes, yes, you can upgrade them to at least level 1000!

These studies with each level give a small pumping of the game parameters that the player needs most at the current stage of base development. But the cost of each new level will increase…

In addition to these research, of course, there are as many as 6 new resources and a new building — Nano printer!

Map editor

The new “Map Editing Mode” allows you to load any “Custom Game” save and edit it as you wish: add / remove resources / objects / monsters or remove everything and create a unique map to your taste!

Don’t forget to show off your masterpieces!

Rich deposits are even bigger now!

Deposits and lakes set to “rich” now have 999,999,999 resources!
This will work even on old saves. The exhausted deposits and lakes have refilled!

Close connection between meteorites and lakes

Now meteorites are no longer just a natural disaster. In this update, when the meteorite fell and formed a funnel, then with a small chance a new source of water appeared — “Crater lake”. Have you ever expected this?

Campaign Difficulty Setting

You have been asking us for this for a long time, and we have finally implemented this idea! Now you can choose a comfortable difficulty level at the start of any mission.

You can edit:

— The number and strength of monsters in the night waves

— Monster evolution rate

— Frequency of meteorite falls

Analyze it! More statistics

We have added the ability to view the statistics of your base at any stage of the game. More data for the God of Data!

Previously, the statistical table was displayed by default to the player at the end of a mission or an important stage of the game, but now the analytics are available by clicking without leaving the main menu.

New features of the T-satellite

The T-Satellite will find the Destroyed Ooze Generator. This ability will be unlocked by unlocking the corresponding research.

Players have hinted to our team a lot about difficulties with finding the Destroyed Ooze Generator. Now it’s in the bag!

Any building level on click

We set out to make it easier to build (and rebuild) the base for everyone who was waiting for this revision. No sooner said than done!

Now in the construction mode, you can select and build a building of any of the levels available to the player. You just have to choose: lvl.1, lvl.2 or lvl.3

Quick Save

We’ve added a super quick save option without the need for extra clicks!

You can now save and load the game by clicking:

  • Shift+F2 — quick save with a separate name
  • F9 — Quick Save Fast Load

Nice skill changes

1.Skills to increase work speed of all mining and production buildings now provide 20% haste (instead of 10% as it was before).

2. Skills to accelerate research gives 25% acceleration (instead of 10% as it was before).

2 new languages

Now Synthie will speak not only Russian and English. Full professional translation into German and Spanish — in action!

We dreamed of making ReFactory more understandable and native to a larger number of players and expand the audience of the game. We are getting closer to our dreams!

We’re really excited to share this update with you! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Thanks for being such a great community — we couldn’t have done this without your support.

We always appreciate feedback! We are waiting for any bugs you found in Discord

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