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Finally! ReFactory on Steam and November Update.

Expanding horizons! On November 1, “ReFactory” has become available on Steam. Moreover, on November 15, November update became all devices available.

Here is the Steam link

Congratulations to those who were waiting! We are proud of the ongoing development of the project! +1 platform achievement — done.

We directly asked the project manager the questions that you addressed to us.
Let’s roll!

We encourage players to participate in “ReFactory” testing process from the very beginning of game development. And we value gamer’s opinion on how the project could be better. Thanks to that kind of feedback the game gets its shape!
We will add more content and new story missions, and the Early Access members will help us define the roadmap. All this time“ReFactory” will be in the active phase of development.

We are creating the game without donation and Pay-to-Win mechanics. So yes, “ReFactory” on Steam is not free.
Nevertheless, you’ll have to buy once, after that all subsequent updates with new mechanics and missions will come without any additional payment.

Not yet. We are already working on cross-platform access. Our plan is mobile game progress to be able to continue on the PC and vice versa.

At least 6 months, but we are ready to spend even more development time to satisfy all the players’ wishes for the game mechanics.

More objects, more game mechanics, vehicles, new story missions. Remember, your feedback will influence what we add to the game in the future.

All the key elements of the game are ready to play more than 50 hours, namely: the main game objects, basic resources and transport chains, power supply, irrigation, various monsters, cycles of day and night.
Right now, you can enjoy building your mega-base for dozens of hours in a row.
The game has 4 story missions, as well as two different biomes that fundamentally affect the gameplay.

The price will increase after the Full version is released. Stay tuned for seasonal early access discounts and release discounts.

Check out our official Discord server where we interact with many players every day. We also read your suggestions, although we are not able to answer every one of them.
In terms of bug hunting, each player have a built-in reporting tool at his/her disposal. Moreover, if you notice any mistakes — text us in Discord

We always appreciate feedback!

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Build, explore, fight! ReFactory is a 2D strategy game with a focus on construction and logistics where you build an automated mega-factory on an alien planet.