Mission 5, Energy towers and Terraforming the planet.

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4 min readApr 6, 2022


Hello everyone, ReFactory team’s online!

In this update we lowered the difficulty of mission 3 and added a new 5th mission!

And now there is an opportunity to blow up hills and drained lakes. Just imagine: now you can level the landscape of the planet to suit your needs! Moreover, we’ve simplified the process of supplying energy to buildings at a great distance from the base.

Now, for more details about changes in the ReFactory update. Let’s roll!

Changes in missions

New mission ‘Sudden stop’

Welcome to the follow-up of the story of Synthie’s adventures on the unknown planet!

Gonna have to work. the conditions are no picnic as usual: a few deposits, monsters never sleep, and the clock’s ticking!

Even a seasoned prepper will be able to put his knowledge and skill into practice.

‘Per aspera ad astra’ mission fixes.

We’ve made mission 3 easier — lowered the number of monsters and added more resources.

We designed it to be hardcore, and seems like we achieved the goal. However, most of the players gave rather negative feedback on our desire to make it ‘sweaty’.

So the Refractory team took your wishes into account, and lowered the excessive difficulty of tasks, leaving the mission just as interesting.

Gameplay innovations

A new research Terraforming

We’re all here to build a perfect base and to rule the world. Meet Terraforming — the best way to arrange a Big-Bada-Boom and put the surrounding lands in order!

Now, are we ready to get started? Here is how the leveling process looks like:

After researching the Terraforming you will be able to blow up hills and drained lakes.

After the explosion, lakes emit mud and hills emit stones.

Keep in mind that the blast wave affects not only the lake or the hill, but also all objects nearby, both man-made and organic.

Thus your buildings near a hill or lake that you plan to blow up will receive considerable damage. Also, the nearby forests and crystals will be destroyed.

To terraform you will need a new resource — Plastic explosive. It is used for engineering operations with a large directed explosion.

New building: Energy Tower

It will now be easier to transfer energy over long distances.

It is possible to organize real power transmission lines by building several energy towers. They will connect distant sections of the map in a straight line.

A network of small electric poles can be built around each tower. Pay attention, because without an electric pole, none of your buildings will be connected to the tower!

Skills menu

You can find a Skill button at the bottom of the indicator bar.

Clicking on it opens the usual window for studying skills. Here you can see what you have chosen before. There was — and there is — no way to edit the selection.

More water

Many players faced water shortages in the lakes.

The wish has been heard: the amount of water in the lakes has been increased from 50k to 70k units.

Improvements to the Custom Game mode

Now you can find ship containers with various resources in your Custom Game.

To get the valuable contents, the containers will have to be repaired first.

Other fixes

  1. Added a new display of intersections of covering zones of different guns.

2. Trucks can now drive through the fog of war.

3. Added UI improvements for mobile devices: the layout of the interface is changed so that the cutout on the smartphone display does not interfere with the game.

4. The Custom Game settings can now be saved.

5. Other minor fixes.

We always appreciate feedback! We are waiting for any bugs you found in Discord

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