New Year’s Eve update: Transport, Holiday gift and improved building system.

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4 min readDec 23, 2021


Hey everyone, ReFactory team’s online!

This update brings Transport! Now you can use trucks to carry cargo to the most distant places. Pulling the conveyor belt through the whole map is now just a memory. Also we’ve improved the building system to make it more convenient, and upgraded Auto Save.

Now, for more details about changes in the ReFactory update. Let’s roll!

Finally, Transport!

For quite a long time, players asked us to solve the problem of pulling the conveyor belts beyond the horizon, hundreds of kilometers from the base to the source of the required resource. We’ve come up with a thoroughly prepared solution — Transport in ReFactory.

A brief update on it:

— New techs and resources related to Transport have appeared;

— Our vehicle is a Truck. It can be made at the Auto Plant;

— Trucks carry resources between two Cargo Stations at any distance.You don’t have to pull conveyors to remote parts of the map anymore;

— Trucks pass through any obstacle: wood, rocks, crystals or any building. Except for lakes: they can’t dive or swim.

— There are two types of Cargo Stations: Small (x1) and Large (x4). You must have at least two stations to organize the transportation system. Or more, if necessary.

— To transport the resource, you need to organize its delivery to the Cargo Station, as well as to build Containers in the receiving station.

— There is a Building yard nearby when deploying the Cargo station. It makes building in remote areas quicker and more convenient.

We’ve already written a large Transport instruction in ReFactory.

Holiday gift for mobile players

On New Year’s, users of mobile versions that have only the demo-version of the first mission will have the second unlocked.

Steam Discount

On New Year’s, Steam players may buy ReFactory with 40% discount.

Auto Save upgrade

We added the opportunity to save different variants of Puzzle solutions. Now there will be no more cases when autosaving of the Puzzle rewrites the save file of your main mission.

More informative Wind Turbines

Now you can check the wind force in the Wind Turbine information window.

Upgrades for even more convenient building

— Rotation of the group of constructions in the building mode;

— Improving the selected group of identical buildings simultaneously, literally in one click!

— A hotkey to build the selected object in the planning mode. Less clicks, more convenient buttons! Simply press E or Enter while building, and your development plan is agreed;

— Setting hotkeys during the game. Now in Settings there is a tab called “Hotkeys” (the only way to do that before was from the Main Menu).

Fixing Display Area of Building Activity

Displaying the area of action of a group of objects was brighter, the more of them are selected.

We have removed excessive brightness, but kept it visually informative.

The «Rate Game» window on mobile devices

From time to time the game will ask you to rate it or leave a written review if you wish. The more ratings — the more players get to know us.

Other fixes

  1. Cancelling the research drone’s current mission if it is damaged;
  2. Fixed an unfortunate error that led to the failure of the conveyor belts. Everything is fine now!
  3. Completely eliminated a situation where a construction drone hangs over the Container for a long time. It was a mistake that needed to be fixed;
  4. Other minor fixes.

We are waiting for any bugs you found in Discord
We always appreciate feedback!

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