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Guys, the ReFactory team has prepared a guide on the new transportation system and Trucks, which were introduced in the December update.

Let’s dive into!

New technology group about Transport

Studying the Transport technology allows you to build a small Cargo Station (1x) and Auto Plants that produce Trucks.

It also gives access to transport modifications and to research required for a large Cargo Station (x4), which cannot be built by any plant without special research.

New building — Auto Plant

The Auto Plant produces Trucks (maximum 8 units per plant) and is used as a parking zone. When the plant is dismantled/destroyed, the controlled trucks are also destroyed.

Producing one truck takes 30 seconds.

The number of Auto Plants is unlimited, but each of them consumes electricity.

It has four inputs for resources, the same as the Mechanical workshop.

After researching the “Transport platform” tech, you will be able to produce special platforms for Cargo Station (x4) deployment in Auto Plant.

Important info: to build a platform, use the button in the lower menu!

New building: Small CargoStation (x1)

A Small Cargo Station (x1) can be built after researching “Transport” tech and used as a Truck loading and unloading area.

It can be built by drones at any convenient location, and doesn’t require electricity.

The station has one entry for loading resources (Export) and one exit for unloading delivered resources (Import).

Of course, it’s equipped with two warehouses for 200 units.

New building: Large Cargo Station (x4)

It can be built from the Auto Plant menu by drones. Mainly used as a Truck loading and unloading area.

Originally it is a Transport Platform that can be located at any open place on the map (like when Plasmid is launched).

Cargo Station (x4) as Transport Platform

Upon arrival at the specified point, the platform transforms into a Large Cargo Station (x4) (it cannot be transformed back into a platform!)

The station doesn’t require electricity.

There is a Building yard with a construction drone nearby when deploying the Cargo station.

The station has 4 entries for Export resources, and 4 exits for imported resources, as well as 4 warehouses with capacity of 500 units.

A Station like this with a Building yard makes building in remote areas quicker and more convenient.

How does it work?

1) Produce a Truck at the Autofactory;

2) Build at least two Cargo stations. One station (small or large) as a departure point, and another as a destination point to where you want to carry resources.

3) Use any convenient entry of the Cargo Departure Station for loading necessary resources with the conveyor belt.

4). Put a conveyor belt or a Container to unload resources at the Cargo Arrival Station.

Use the Cargo Station menu, and in the import tab, pick a resource to be loaded.

Done! Trucks start driving themselves and take resources from the departure station (export) to the arrival station (import). You’re beautiful!

Truck Features

— Originally a truck holds 100 units. It is possible to improve the capacity up to 200 units and to increase its speed;

— It can be destroyed by monsters or meteors;

— Truck passes through any obstacle: wood, rocks, crystals or any player building. Except for lakes: they can’t dive or swim;

— It will not head for the dispatching station until there are at least 50 units of resources in it.

— The amount of loaded resources depends on if there’s empty space on the Arrival Station. If it’s empty, the truck can be loaded to maximum capacity.

Large Cargo Station features

A small station has one entry and one exit. That means it can only receive and send one resource.

But the large one has four entries and four exits. Thus, it is possible to send and receive four different resources.

Of course you can use a Large Cargo Station to send one resource. That means that trucks can carry 2000 units of resource at once (500 units from each of four warehouses).

Now you can arrange a great transport net to transfer resources from one end of the map to the other. Finally!

New resource: Tire

A new resource has been added to the game — the Tire (made from 5 rubbers in the Moulding Plant). It is commonly used in producing and modifying transport.

If you notice any mistakes — text us in Discord

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