Roads, adjustable Splitter, 12 objectives in Custom mode, and more!

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5 min readFeb 8, 2022


Hey everyone, ReFactory team’s online!

This version brings Truck Roads, 12 new Custom Game tasks, an adjustable Splitter, and an additional Spaceport. We also added the ability to upgrade Radars and new Skills you get by delivering cargo to orbit.

Now, for more details about changes in the ReFactory update. Let’s roll!

Transport system improvements

  1. Meet the Roads! According to your feedback, the Trucks speed was an important parameter that needed to be improved.
    Using Roads, Trucks and drones move much faster (+50%).

2. Cargo stations can now be built on top of conveyor belts.

3. Cargo Stations window now contains information about the resources “On the way”.

4. You can get new achievements related to Trucks.

5. Fuel for vehicles and space shuttles has become more efficient now: 60 energy points instead of 20.

We continue to work on improving the Transport system. ReFactory team carefully study all the players’ ideas and try to implement the best ones into the game.
We are aware of a request from players to give more control over the movement of Trucks, as well as the priorities of cargo transportation. This issue is in process of finding the right solutions.

Improvements to the Custom Game mode

Now enabling the «Many deposits» option in the Custom Game settings makes the map generation more harmonious.

And for those of you who were too bored, we added 12 new objectives of delivering cargo into orbit.

Shipping the cargo takes on the full functionality of the entire Spaceport. This means that in the game will appear… drum roll, please!

Additional Spaceport and Perks

To send the cargo delivery to orbit in Custom Game, we added the possibility to build 2 Spaceports at once. Research the “Satellite” tech and gain +1 Spaceports into your collection!


Spaceport 1 is to open the game map and deposits by launching satellites.

Spaceport 2 is responsible for shipping cargo into orbit and receiving perks!

New Splitter

Now the Splitter has 3 outlets. Each of them can be closed and configured.

After researching the “Resource Filter” tech, the Splitter can be upgraded to 3 outlets.

New Overlays

We take the control of the base to a new level: there are now displays of the areas covered by Radars and Building Drones. You also get a building grid.

- displaying the building grid

- displaying the Radar coverage area

- displaying the zone of Building Yards operation

New tech: «Telemetry»

Now you can boost the radar to become even more convenient and useful for the player.

What will that research give?

Telemetry lvl. 1 — acceleration of identification of underground deposits.

Telemetry lvl. 2 — increasing Railgun fire rate within the Radar range.

Telemetry lvl. 3 — increasing the air defense radius within the Radar range.

Knowledge Base development

The tab «Miscellaneous» was added to the Knowledge Base.

There you will find various objects of the game world with descriptions. The ReFactory world is becoming increasingly streamlined!

Other fixes

  1. Added selection of the number of auto-savers in the Game settings.
  2. Reworked the wind power formula. There will no longer be any situations where the wind turbine is inactive in a calm. Thank the Tech God! Wind power will be a little more efficient now.

3. Added the possibility to set a hotkey to the «Fix Everything» option.

4. A small cosmetic fix — Tips to Graphical Interface Elements (PC) have appeared.

5. ReFactory tips added to the boot screen.

6. Сorrected an unfortunate error where the Protective Droid could not find a way to the base on the command «Home». Now everything is fine!

7. Ruled out the situation where it was impossible to build the Large Freight Station on the swamp. It was a bug that needed to be fixed.

8. Eliminated the missing of resources from the Container if the filter was set to the resource that was already in it.

We always appreciate feedback!
We are waiting for any bugs you found in Discord

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