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Update: Cloud Saves and New Custom Game Details

Hello everyone, the “ReFactory” team is online!

In this version, cloud saves became available: now the game progress on different devices can be combined into one account. Moreover, we added even more detailed Custom Game settings and some visual improvements.

Now let’s take a closer look at what has changed in this “ReFactory” update.

Cloud saving

If you play on different devices (computer, phone, web), you can combine different accounts into one.
Data is uploaded to the cloud every time you log into your account, it can be used on any device — this is huge plus and feature!
So you can start playing at home on your computer, continue on your phone on the way to work, and even play in your browser during breaks at work.

We’ve got the Instruction already.

More customization options in Custom Game

In this update, we dive into the intricate customization of the resources of the future world.

How rich the nature of the planet will be and how difficult it will be for you to play with this choice — it’s up to you!

Now you can customize the world exactly the way you want. Even more customization options are what you’ve asked for.

Let’s conquer this world!

Switchable Splitter

Splitter can now be turned on and off. We have added the corresponding button and color indicator of the “on / off” states depending on the needs.

Category “Beauty”: trees

Trees now react to the wind, they can creak and sway, just like in a real forest.
The revision is purely aesthetic, but we are happy to share: the nature of the planet has become more alive!

Map icons

Added indication of all natural objects that can be found, disassembled and used on the farm. Look for such an icon on the map!

Generation of rocks and crystals

We have improved the visual without changing the essence of the objects. Now the rocks and fields of crystals not only look more natural, it has become more convenient to get to them for organizing cutting and watering.

Highlighting problem areas of construction

Now all objects that cannot be built right here and now for any reason are highlighted in red.

Other improvements

  1. Radar now opens fog-of-war areas smoothly.
  2. Fixed inaccuracies in the description of some objects.
  3. Found and resolved a number of errors that the players reported to us.
    Including a rather unpleasant one: resetting the activation of the PRO version on a mobile device in the absence of the Internet. Everything is good now!
  4. Added resources in the tutorial mission to make it easier for beginners to start exploring the planet. Thanks to the players who wrote their impressions of the tutor!

We are waiting for any bugs you found in Discord
We always appreciate feedback!

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Build, explore, fight! ReFactory is a 2D strategy game with a focus on construction and logistics where you build an automated mega-factory on an alien planet.