Game update: New outer appearance of buildings, achievements and rotation

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3 min readOct 20, 2021


Hello everyone, ReFactory team’s online! Presenting a new update with lots of treats for visual perfectionists: we have completely redrawn the appearance of many buildings and taught them to rotate around an axis.

Moreover, we added an Achievement system to make achieving your goals more exciting. Let’s roll!

What’s new

New outer appearance of buildings

We updated the outer appearance of the majority of the buildings, and each of them now has more futuristic roundness and a bit of a Sci-Fi aesthetic. From your feedback, it appeared that the industrial design didn’t fit well, so we were really fired up to improve visual impression and take it to a new level. We hope you enjoy it!

Let’s see the changes of the buildings and their upgrades!

All the mining buildings look like this now. Compare the old one on the left pic and the new one — on the right.

Also check out the new appearance of the defence buildings:


We added 42 Achievements that you can claim during the game. Now you will be rightfully rewarded for all the missions, monster hunting and base developments.

All the achievements are linked to the player’s account. You can check the full list on the Quests screen.

We know that you enjoy the “achievement unlocked” popups as much as we do!


You asked for rotation — and here it is. Now you can rotate the majority of the buildings to any of 4 positions. Not all of them, but it’s yet to come :)

Here you can see 4 spins of the Mining Drill, Sawing Machine and Drainer:

The Digger, for instance, has only 2 spins:

New puzzle

There’s more: we added a new puzzle! There’s nothing better than a fresh mind-blowing challenge to your logic.

Setting priorities

Now you can set the mission priority right on the Information screen. That’s much easier and quicker.

Swamp soil fixes

Now the soil in the place of the logged swamp forest or the crystal is changing.

Other minor fixes.

If you notice any mistakes — text us in Discord
We always appreciate feedback!

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